14+ Concerts

We’ve determined that this show is suitable for young people aged 14+ to attend, provided they are accompanied by a responsible adult. Here are the terms & conditions:

  1. Young people must be accompanied by a parent or equivalent guardian such as parent of a friend (who is also present). In most cases we’d prefer the guardian to be someone aged 30+, unless by prior arrangement. We will not recognise anyone aged under 25 as a guardian. Maximum 3 young people per responsible adult.
  2. Young people may not enter the premises prior to the scheduled door time, which is listed on the event.
  3. Parties that include young people must identify themselves upon arrival, and everyone must have valid photo ID. A Young Scot Card is valid for proof of age, and young people can obtain one for free online here.
  4. Young people will be fitted with a wristband, which they must not remove under any circumstances whilst on the premises.
  5. Young people may not approach the bar counter even to order a soft drink.
  6. Young people must not under any circumstances be provided with access to alcohol, including prior to their admission.
  7. Those aged 14-15 will have to leave by 2230, even though this means missing a significant part of the concert. Those aged 16-17 must vacate the premises no later than 2330, even if the concert has overrun.