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Aloha and welcome as we kick the doors of 2020 down with our Bovver Boots, Brothel Creepers and Tentacles. Ladies and gentlemen: vamps, tramps, punk rockers, you rock n rollers – raise a bloody, jolly good pint and enjoy the first edition of the Monthly Squid! Krakatoa’s own official blog!

January Blues, we are over you! Because in our neon-lit bar we have amazing, just amazing in the fullest of abundance this month.

The month really began blaring its volcanic sound as Krakatoa hosted the Battle of the Bands ERUPTION where we got to hear and meet pals old and new play, such as CowCatchers, Angry man Carpark, Papa Bear, Ugly Clinic and Ghost Tape, as they musically maul it out during the Semi Finals and holy shhh it was so GOOD! Great to listen to various samples of their music for you to enjoy as you read up their Exclusive Interviews backstage!

Every Wednesdays we have our Refuge of the Damned and our iconic Krakaoke back online so practice those chords and come by for a jam and a tune. Congratulations to the lovely Brittney for winning the first Krakaoke of 2020! Prizes include our own Bar Vouchers.

Neon Lounge is back in the groove on Friday and Saturday nights as we sip our Strawberry Sacrifices and ooze those glowing mermaid vibes on the dancefloor with a flipped bird to that 9-5 grind.

To hear more about the Tiki Tea, the goss and the happenings of Krakatoa, check us out on Facebook, Instagram and dive down for our firey 1883s and savour those South Sea Lagoon cocktails as we embark on our latest event, Independent Venue Week 2020!!!


  • Is there no way ( dispensation) for the final that the brother of one of the 4 bands member who is 14 can stay till the end he would be with his mum and me dad and sitting quietly in a corner.As it was in the semi the 3rd band over run the slot and he had to leave before his brothers band made it on the stage. So we paid at the door and did’nt get to see the band we wanted.Could he go on a back stage pass as he does help out with the instruments.

    • It’s a blanket condition of our premises license, so there’s no way to waive the curfew. However we have taken this (and various technical issues) into account in the running order, and also by offering sound-checks for the final.

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