Krakatoa Exxxclusive Interview with Angryman CarPark

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Starting the new decade the 2020’s in style is Krakatoas own Battle of the Bands Weekend where musicians near and far come by and strut their stuff and blast some tunes. Stay tuned to get hooked into the Who’s-Who playing at our Venue.

Our first Band EVER to play for 2020 is the charismatic and endearing Angryman Carpark who we had the honour of meeting after their performance discussing a variety of topics: who they are, their music with various banter regarding mattresses and Craig the Haunted Crack Baby.  

Krakatoa: First of all, tell me about your band and how did you start collaborating?

AMCP (Adam): Well we were all in bands previously. Me an Euan were studying in college together at one point- ah yes!- funny story me and Euan like, met years ago before the band at a mate’s house where he only had one mattress and we had to share this mattress together and we kinda lost contact after that and he was at college and I was at college so we reconnected after that. We just practised and we didn’t have any drummers in our class because they all dropped out so Joe joined as we played in the College Band.

AMCP (E): And I dragged Stephen and Joe into the mix 

(AMCP J): Me, Stephen and Euan were in a Band before that so it was like 3/4s of the same.

Krakatoa: So it it was like full circle that somebody knew somebody personally at one point and then just smooshed together?

AMCP S: More of less, yeah 

AMCP A: I think bit was definitely more of a smooth transition into working together.

Krakatoa: What particular music style or icon inspires your work? I kinda noticed there’s a varied aesthetic going on since everyone has their own style.

AMCP (J): We’re definitely the Alternative kind of part. I kinda get a lot from Fatherson

AMCP(ALL): Yeah,

AMCP: We  listen to a lot of that and get a lot of that similarities Adam’s a bit different though, yeah?

AMCP (A): I think from when I first started playing in bands it was a little more punk, a little bit Emo/Grungey musicians kinda shifted to Alternative then I found myself listening to composers such as Hans Zimmer and liked how they structured their songs which is interesting.

 Krakatoa: Have you been enjoying Krakatoa? Or is this your first time here  as customers and musicians?

AMCP(E): Well we played here for part of our college.. Us three have played twice so this would be our fourth time, second official gig.

Krakatoa: Nice! That’s pretty good! 

AMCP (E) :As customers, we’ve been here a few times for drinks as well,

AMCP(A):, One time, ordered the volcano one- it was so strong!

Krakatoa: The Krakatoa 1883 right?

AMCP(S) Yeah! we went to see Beta Waves, we had to put lemonade in because it was so strong!

AMCP (A) I was dying!

AMCP(J): Wasn’t it on fire too??

Krakatoa: Ah, yes. We put our special rum to light it in the volcano bit.

AMCP(A): I like the whole aesthetic of the venue. It’s different. I mean, you get a lot of good pubs in Aberdeen but they’re all similar pub looking. When you’re playing in a pub, it’s like playing in a pub but

AMCP (E): Here, it’s a proper venue with the fancy lights and the neon.

AMCP (A): I like the neon it’s cool. I like the Doll too. *points to Krakatoa’s own Haunted Baby. 

*Before the interview, AngryMan Carpark observed the mysterious Haunted Doll called the Crack Baby (now christened by the band as Craig, thus weaving a piece of themselves into Krakatoa history) that was perched on our staff corridor shelves. Stories and Sightings  of said  Haunted Crack Baby will be discussed another time as there are many Krakatoa hauntings regarding this object- some that will make you scream in terror… others in sheer laughter.* 

Krakatoa: It was an honour to have to guys playing at our venue tonight and hope to see you again when you’re rich and famous to come by and play for us again. For sure, you’ve definitely brought the house down as strong contenders, coming up first. Like “WHOA! The is us!!”


AMCP(E): The good thing about this kind of event is, if we play at a normal gig, it’ll be all the same genre but with these Battle of the Bands stuff there’s different genres. It’s cool because we don’t get to see this many genres in one place. There’s even a Mod Band on! 

{Second Band does sound checks in background} 

Insert Krakatoa and Crack Baby

AMCP(E): Its cool because you don’t get

AMCP(S): This big mix of genres

AMCP(A): The other band they’re.. he’s doing like a vocal compressor for a trombone..

AMCP(E): We’re going completely off track,

Krakatoa: That’s okay! It’s good, that’s the thing about creative people is that we love to waffle when we have good vibes. It’s great you have this confidence and charisma to still promote yourself after facing a load of people. To even speak to one person is different to a crowd. Never be ashamed to be waffley! We like waffles! We love Waffles. Thank you very much for coming by and I hope you enjoy yourselves, have an amazing night, it was nice to meet you.  

To hear more from the delightful AngryMan CarPark, here are their links and details below where you can have a listen to a tune, like and subscribe to their various channels!