Virtual Concerts Scotland Check them OOUUUTTT!!!!

Hello you Mad Maxes and Mad Maxines. So! COV-19 or Corona (not the beer) has closed our bars and have us locked insider homes and it’s barely a week and it’s grim outside like some dystopian sci-fi crossed with a Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Movie. No worries good chaps!

a few of creative geniuses kick-started a Virtual Gig which starts rocking out tonight and play those COV and post apocalyptic blues away!

If you want to join in our merry band of good tunes or just to blast out and support your Local Music Industry by promoting amazing and talented Peeps: put on your dancing shoes; those grooving trews; a dash of red lippy and click this link below!!!

And then click watch party! Can’t wait to see you Hunnies!!! x Its gonna be a wild one and in the safety of your homes!

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