A Welcome Back and a Happy Hogmanay

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Welcome back you cool cats and kittens and Merry Freakin’ Christmas…

After two years all comfy during watching Netflix, video chatting to our pals and grannies through this Armageddon facing many a scary challenge during our 9-5s and at home – we have been REOPENED!!!!

Dust off those Doc’s n dancing shoes, work that casual comfy- or glam the F up – with a mask and get your post-apocalyptic freak on at our Hogmanay Hula!

While we have been away, we’ve been flexing our tentacles with our fundraisers for a STATE OF THE ART ventilation system that cleans our air inside every three minutes, taking care of our you, our bar, and having one amazing good time in the process. Because we all love a party… without an unwelcome present afterwards.

Since we’ve reopened, we had excellent Cocktail Training with our lovely newbies, met the cast of the Circus of Horrors, and Partying til’ dawn from 3pm with our Punk, Metal, and Rock Fests!! You guys sure knew how to party!

Thank you so much to our bands who came to play for us! It was great to see everyone supporting us and with your help, we made a lot of Surpluses to fund our new Ventilation Project! It’s great we have these fundraisers because it gets the Music and Creative Community to re-connect and gives you the “Who’s Who” to listen to in Scotland! 

If you didn’t make it, or you want to rehear samples of tunes from the Bands Check them out here!

In seriousness, thank you all so much for your contribution to our Social Media Pages to make this possible! A round of applause to our Krakatoa Team with our armoury of brooms, rubber gloves, and cleaning sprays to make our neon-lit cave of wonders spick and span. Massive applause for the Essential Workers, the Students, who resiliently adapted through, the artists who collaborated with us online, and lastly, YOU for supporting us during these strange times.

We Rockin’! We Rollin’! If you haven’t seen us yet:

Come By!

Have a Bevy!

Welcome, Home!

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