With 11 taps dedicated to cider and various bottles available, there’s always an interesting variety at Krakatoa. Whether you want a sparkling, refreshing, Thatchers Cloudy Lemon or a high strength, traditional scrumpy to put you on your arse, we’ve got you covered.

Our newest Thatcher’s Fusion font is the first in the world for the cider category. Freshly mixed, 100% natural and supported by infusion technology, it delivers a unique sensory experience of fresh flavour and aroma. Launch flavours Blood Orange, Dark Berry and Cloudy Lemon. Follow this link to view our live(ish) draught selection, or just come along and sample them in person.

Read a bit more about the variety of ciders we stock

Ciders permanently on tap

Thatchers Gold – 4.8%, medium-dry, sparkling
Thistly Cross Traditional – 4.4%, semi-sweet, sparkling
Lilley’s Rhubarb – 4%, sweet, crisp, still
Lilley’s Gladiator or Sandford Orchard’s The General – both 8.4%, medium/medium-sweet, still, strong
Thatchers Blood Orange – 4%, sweet and juicy, sparkling
Thatchers Dark Berry – 4%, rich and fruity, sparkling
Thatchers Cloudy Lemon – 4%, zingy and refreshing, sparkling

Rotating ciders often on tap

Bee Sting – 6.8%, sweet, perry
Cheeky Pig – 7.5%, medium-dry, perry and cider blend
Crazy Goat – 6.8%, medium-sweet, hazy, perry and cider blend
Merry Monkey – 4.5%, medium, scrumpy
Apples & Pears
Cherries & Berries
Apple & Blackberry

Snails Bank
Fruit Bat – 4%, sweet, strawberry-raspberry-blackcurrant
Banoffee Pie – 4%, sweet
Damson in a Dress – 4%, sweet

Game Cock – 4.5%, sweet
Squeal Pig – 4.5%, medium-sweet, perry

Dorset Nectar
Hunny Bubble – 4%, sweet, real honey

Celtic Marches
Cuckoo Penny – 4%, sweet, rhubarb

Kent Cider Co
Waken – 4.2%, cloudy, medium
Unity – 4%, medium, pear-nettle-elderflower
Blend 23 – 6%, medium
Discovery – 5%, medium
Spiced – 5%, sweet, ginger-cinnamon-anise-cloves
Toffee Apple – 5.5%, sweet
Pear – 6%, medium
Berry – 5%, sweet
Hop – 5.5, medium-dry
Gala – 6.5%, fully dry, 2x CAMRA Gold, 2x CAMRA Silver
Russet – 8%, dry

Old Rosie – 6.8%, medium-dry, scrumpy

Sandford Orchards
Slack Ma Girdle – 5.8%, dry, still
Hangy Downs – 5.5%, medium-sweet, still

Bottled ciders permanently available

Kent Cider Co
Copia – 6.5%, dry, sparkling
Yowler – 5.2%, medium-dry, sparkling
Rhubarb – 5%, sweet, cloudy, still
Sparkling Toffee Apple – 5.5%, medium-sweet, sparkling