Dive Bar

This is a bar where those from all walks of life mingle together.  The person sitting on the next stool might be an accountant, a dentist, a road sweeper, a punk rocker, a dominatrix, or an ambulance driver…

Here, it’s who you are that matters, not how you earn a living. Like all dives, this is a clandestine haunt, located slightly off the beaten track, where nobody outside of the clientele is likely to notice you coming or going. This is an antidote to reality, a mysterious destination for illicit rendezvous, and forging those unexpected friendships.

The interior is dimly lit in true dive bar fashion, mostly just illuminated by the ethereal glow of neon. The decor and fixtures are functional and hard wearing, yet somehow evocative of an archetypal road movie; this place can get raucous at the weekend, and is built to withstand unrestrained revelry.

You don’t have to worry about spilling a drink or scuffing the upholstery, so feel free to let your hair down.

People frequent this establishment for a good time. Some may opt to remain in their work clothes, others may choose to dress up, or dress down. Posing is fine, but passing judgement is off limits… as are certain other things.  

While the decor may not be particularly palatial, the selection of music, the surreally exquisite restrooms, and the vast range of exotic drinks more than compensate for that. Krakatoa specialises in beer, cider, absinthe, and, of course, tiki.

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