karaoke night at Krakatoa

Aberdeen’s oldest alternative-focused karaoke night, our offering is perfect for anyone, whether you are a person just out looking for a giggle and to make new friends, a Hen party, staff night out, group of students or having a birthday bash – our night really is the ONLY option for a full evening of wholesome and interactive entertainment. Don’t worry if you don’t sing, come along and cheer the poor bastards that do! And if you CAN’T sing – don’t worry, you’ll be in firm company with our regulars!

We run every single Wednesday of the year (unless it falls on Xmas day, boxing day, the 1st or 2nd of Jan as we are closed those days).

The night starts at 8pm with kick-off usually happening at about twenty past. We run right up until we close at one in the AM. It gets busy, so the earlier you get here the more likely you will be able to grab one of our tables.

We have an eclectic mix of songs available to sing and if we don’t have it on the night, we can download it for you to sing the very next week, so don’t worry about requesting that oddball track or b side! We have all the standards too though, so if you just wanna belt out some Meatloaf, Whitney or Sinatra we have your back!

A full list of our available singing tracks can be found here (link to arrive once online database is complete, watch this space!).

> Weekly prize of a voucher valued at £18 and a place in our monthly final.
> Monthly prize of a voucher valued at £18 and a place in our annual final (other monthly prizes may be given as stocks available remain available, these are at host’s discretion and will be awarded AS WELL AS the voucher and place in final).
> Annual prize of £500 to be awarded at our Grand Final in January.

Follow our Instagram @Krakatoa_Karaoke!
Fire us the following message on insta “I’m a Krakatoa goon and I want chat” to receive an invite to our exclusive karaoke discord.

Table bookings are available only during the month of December, email to arrange a booking for YOUR Christmas night out.