Volcanic Tiki

Tiki is a sub-genre of cocktail that dates back over 80 years.  A timeless mix of rum, citrus, sugar, and ice, these cocktails are extrovert: big, bold, outrageously garnished.

The mixology is pragmatic, and our tiki recipes stipulate ‘dirty dumps’, where the fractured ice in the shaker forms an intrinsic part of the drink.

More reassuringly, whereas conventional cocktails are measured in ounces, Krakatoa tiki manifests in pints.

Due to the quantities of ice used, and the citric acid content, tiki is perhaps the smoothest alcohol delivery system ever conceived, and almost certainly the least hangover inducing. Just don’t lick the flames!

Ours is a specialised skill set, and asking our bartenders to make a martini is akin to booking The Temptations to play rockabilly, so please endeavour to stick with the script!

If you’ve ever had a hankering for booze served in a giant skull with half a jungle growing out of it, then this free spirited little dive bar, where everybody minds their own business, is the ideal place to indulge.

However… while we may pay lip service to tiki culture, don’t expect a surfboard for a table, or to be served by scantily clad hula girls: fakery ain’t on the menu.