Krakatoa hosts gigs from 9pm – 11pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.  The bar plays host to a huge variety of acts ranging through rock, pop, soul, bluegrass, punk, electronica, rockabilly, metal, funk, country, ska, reggae, grunge, blues, rock ‘n’ roll, glam, and pretty much anything else you can name…

Click on the image below to purchase advance tickets for our forthcoming shows.


Promotional Video [featured track is AM by Deadenstereo, recorded here live circa. 2005]

The Chandeliers October 2015

Afterwards, the night continues unabated until 3am, with NEON LOUNGE, our nocturnal refuge for the free spirited, and an incandescent Dionysian antidote to clubbing.  Our DJs focus their attention on the dance floor, seamlessly switching through a kaleidoscope of musical genres to ensure that everyone’s taste is being catered to.

neon lounge with island backdrop


4 thoughts on “LOUNGE

  1. Hi guys, how do we go about getting a gig here it looks great.

    We (Ariah) are a 4 piece rock band with male and female vocals,

    ^^above is a link to our YouTube channel

    Let me know if there’s anything available,

    Thanks v much,




  2. Hi there
    We are Macswing, a recently formed 9 piece swing band based in Aberdeen. We play classic swing songs ( Sinatra, Buble, Martin..).
    We have played two gigs so far which have been very well received.
    Please see our Facebook page #Macswing
    Are you interested in booking the band?
    If so please let us by replying to this!
    Many thanks



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