GREETINGS & WELCOME to Aberdeen’s only authentic tiki dive bar. This is a bar where people from all walks of life mingle together. The person sitting on the next barstool might be an accountant, a dentist, a road sweeper, a punk rocker, a dominatrix, or an ambulance driver. Here, it’s who you are that matters, not how you make a living. Like all dives, this is a clandestine haunt, located slightly off the beaten track, where nobody outside of the clientele is likely to notice you coming or going. This is an antidote to reality, a mysterious destination for illicit rendezvous, and forging those unexpected friendships.

The interior is dimly lit in true dive bar fashion, mostly just illuminated by the ethereal glow of neon. The decor and fixtures are functional and hard wearing, yet somehow evocative of an archetypal road movie; this place can get raucous at the weekend, and is built to withstand unrestrained revelry. You don’t have to worry about spilling a drink or scuffing the upholstery, so feel free to let your hair down. People frequent this establishment for a good time. Some may opt to remain in their work clothes, others may choose to dress up, or dress down. Posing is fine, but passing judgement is off limits. While the decor may not be particularly palatial, the selection of music, the surreally exquisite restrooms, and the vast range of exotic drinks more than compensate for that. Krakatoa specialises in beer, cider, absinthe, and of course tiki.

Want to learn about dive bar culture?  The links below pretty pretty much nail it!

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The attractions we offer include a world renowned jukebox, and procession of pinball machines.

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7 thoughts on “KRAKATOA

  1. Hi, I’m responsible for booking shows for band Never the Bride.

    It would be great if you could take the time to visit the Never The
    Bride band’s website and check them out on YouTube to appreciate them
    for yourself with a view to booking them for your venue. The band are
    currently in the studio recording a new album to be released in May/June
    which they will be touring in the Autumn.

    NTB have performed live and shared stages with some of the world’s top
    musicians :The Who, Roger Daltrey, Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton, Sir Elton John, Robert Plant,
    and more.

    At The Royal Albert Hall, Roger Daltrey held up Nikki’s hand and
    shouted out, “Nikki Lamborn has the best female rock voice since Janis
    Joplin and I know what I’m talking about, I knew Janis.”

    Nikki and Catherine stunned Robert Plant as they performed their own
    arrangement of his song “Going To California”. The very song they
    recorded on the Zeppelin tribute album “Encomium” which earned NEVER
    THE BRIDE their first gold disc.

    Nikki Lamborn and her writing partner Catherine Feeney wrote Dame
    Shirley Bassey hit ‘The Living Tree’ coaxing her out of retirement
    and performed it with her on stage at Glastonbury.

    These are just some of the quotes from other people who’ve enjoyed NTB…

    When a Rock ‘n Roll band is fronted by the electrifying voice of Nikki
    Lamborn, when its songs are written by the gifted Catherine Feeney,
    when its musicians are world class, it’s called.. NEVER THE BRIDE

    “Nikki Lamborn is a wonderful vocalist. Never The Bride are an
    absolutely brilliant band, one of the best live bands in Britain” (Bob
    Harris, BBC Radio 2)

    “These women exude their souls in their music and lyrics” (Blues In Britain)

    “The delicate and sometimes melancholy piano finesse of Catherine
    Feeney cradles Lamborn’s sweet style throughout.” (Sanitarium)

    I would be happy to send you links, EPK, social media etc once I’ve
    heard from you.

    If you would be so kind as to get back to me asap I would be most grateful,
    Many Thanks in anticipation,
    Nikki Maloney.


  2. Hi there
    We have a small record label based in Fraserburgh with a few bands. Just wondering if you be interested in having some of them for a gig at some point? Band names are , The Zenith , Proteus , Black Truth and Muddy Hookers. You can check all the bands out on Facebook.



  3. Hi, we were in on Friday night, 24th March and my friend was taken away in an ambulance at around 10- 11pm with a serious head wound. Would you be able to check back CCTV footage and let us know what happened to him?
    He approached the stage end of the bar to ask for paper towels for the blood and then headed outside to the smoking area where door staff took care of him.
    We suspect he was assaulted by a male in his early 30s, bald, 5’10” who had been acting aggressively towards us before and after the incident and would like to confirm this before speaking to Police about what happened.
    We would really appreciate your cooperation and assistance in this matter and look forward to hearing from you


    1. I’ll check the CCTV tomorrow, but based in nunerous eye witness accounts your friend was head banging to the band and whacked his head off one of the stage monitors.


  4. I’ll check the CCTV tomorrow, but based in nunerous eye witness accounts your friend was head banging to the band and whacked his head off one of the stage monitors.


    1. Nobody assaulted him. He was acting like an idiot. He smashed his own head off the stage and it was completely his own doing. Deserved everything he got. Hope it was a humbling experience for him so he doesnt ruin the experience for anyone else in the future.


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