Magma is a weekly networking, performance & workshop event for those involved in local music. It takes place throughout our main room, AV production suite, and conference room and is also open to young people aged 14+ until 10.30pm. The goal of Magma is to help expand Aberdeen’s music scene, and as such there’s no admission charge.

Magma is about:

• Encouraging more artists to perform live and gain valuable experience from doing so;

• Enabling younger artists aged 14-18 to perform to an audience in a safe & reputable music venue;

• Establishing an environment conducive to improvisation;

• Helping experienced performers shake off stage rust, road test new equipment, and try out new material on a live audience;

• Facilitating the formation of new bands;

• Creating an opportunity for established bands to recruit members;

• Providing young engineers with a means of gaining production experience;

• Introducing engineers to state-of-the-art live audio/video streaming & production technology;

• Holding workshops for those interested in music promotion & management, etc.

• Building a passionate audience invested in local music at grassroots level:

Krakatoa provides:

• amplified backline and drum kit;

• PA system, mixer, microphones and video cameras;

• access to 64-track digital audio recorder, a 16-channel video recording/streaming console;

• experienced “house” session musicians;

• assistance of experienced AV technicians;

The format of the event is:


Open Mic

Half an hour dedicated to the relatively inexperienced. Anyone would be welcome to get up and discover what it’s like to perform solo on a stage.

Acoustic Solo/Pairs

Scope for fledgling singer songwriters to perform their own work, and also for artists to perform acoustic covers.

Resident Bands

Paid month long residencies for bands that have little or no experience performing live. Aim is to help these develop into more seasoned acts that can capture the interest of bookers.

Open Stage

This is aimed at seasoned musicians (both electric and acoustic) and can function as a live rehearsal, a way to test new material, try out new equipment, break in new members or even as an opportunity for newly formed bands to debut. If a anyone is short a player then someone for our house band will attempt to substitute.

Vocal Tryouts

Anyone who has some experience as a vocalist, or who excels at karaoke would be welcome to perform standard covers with backing from our house band.

Open Jam Session

An opportunity for people to play improvised music together, along with our session musicians.


Access to audio recording and video streaming technology, including a Tascam DA64 64-track digital recorder, a Tricaster TC1 live video mixing console, and coming soon Mac Studio workstations running Reaper and Final Cut. This is under the supervision of an experienced AV technician, who can provide training & assistance. Participants can also take audio/video data away to edit & mix.


We’ll be hosting a series of workshops on different aspects of the music business, hosted by various guest speakers, covering topics such as:

• organisation & rehearsals

• artist management

• booking & scheduling

• graphic design

• branding & merchandising

• artist promotion

• dealing with venues and engineers

• tour management & logistics

• finances

• copyright & other legal aspects

• instrument maintenance, setup & tuning

• PA setup and configuration

• starting your own music related business

If you’re interested in sponhosting one of the Magma workshop then please contact us via email.