'Green Anarchism Flag' - Embroidered Patch

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Brand: Krakatoa

Embroidered Patch - featuring the 'Green Anarchism' flag.

9 x 6 cm (3.5 x 2.4 inches)


Recently, we seemed to have more than enough time on our hands to delve into the furthest recesses of the secret stash of paraphernalia that we keep in the haunted part of the beer cellar (see elsewhere). You can imagine our surprise and great delight when these fabulous beauties were revelled by the light of our flickering oil lamps, wrapped tightly in plastic and unscathed by the passage of time, ectoplasm or frequent flooding.

Prizes in hand, we beat a hasty retreat from that dripping, miasmic place. To this day, Jamie swears he saw an eldritch tentacle snaking across the floor as the ancient portal swung shut behind us...

Obviously, we won't be going back down there any time soon - so please purchase your patch promptly before they sell out. No second chances.

(Krakatoa is a dive bar and music venue in Aberdeen, Scotland, run by a non-hierarchal, non-profit, worker cooperative, supporting local grassroots music. We’re a business without bosses, where society profits.)

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