Moorings Bar Retro Mens T-Shirt / Tee - 'Take A Trip To... The Beermuda Triangle'

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Brand: Krakatoa

Cool Retro Style Moorings Bar Mens Tee - 'Take A Trip To... The Beermuda Triangle'.

Text reads as follows:

Take a trip to... The Beermuda Triangle.
The Moorings Bar, 2 Trinity Quay
Six°North, 6 Littlejohn Street
BrewDog, 17 Gallowgate

* Unique design.
* Was approved by all three bars, we assure you!
* Very limited edition - when they're gone, they're gone!
* Soft, comfortable 96% cotton / 4% elastane fabric.
* Crew neck.
* Skinnifit style.
* Classic retro feel.

Way back in time, our dive bar and grass-roots venue went by the name 'The Moorings Bar' rather than 'Krakatoa'. It was a hive of inequity and hard liquor: if you remember it, you probably weren't there, etc..

In those days, there was only one BrewDog bar in the whole world, and a great little independent place called Six°North had just opened up near us both...

Now you can relive those heady memories of yore with this stylish, original tee, featuring a heartfelt pun of the highest quality - and a colourful, retro, 1950s sci-fi inspired image. All superimposed on a foaming pint of beer.

Think pulp fiction covers and classic B-movie posters; that kinda vibe. We designed it as a flyer, but someone said, "Hey! That should really be on a tee shirt!".
Et voilà!

(Naturally, we checked with BrewDog and Six°North that all of this was cool at the time, and they said, "Sure, go ahead!". Just in case you were wondering about that...)

We found a box of them in our secret cache of Moorings Bar related treasures recently, and are now delighted to offer these rare, delightfully collectible, stylishly wearable and possibly even era-defining garments for purchase.

Remember: when they're gone, they're gone!

Krakatoa is a dive bar and music venue in Aberdeen, Scotland, run by a non-hierarchal, non-profit, worker cooperative, supporting local grassroots music.
We’re a business without bosses, where society profits. - for more merch

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