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Aloha and welcome as we kick the doors of 2020 down with our Bovver Boots, Brothel Creepers and Tentacles. Ladies and gentlemen: vamps, tramps, punk rockers, you rock n rollers – raise a bloody, jolly good pint and enjoy the first edition of the Monthly Squid! Krakatoa’s own official blog!

January Blues, we are over you! Because in our neon-lit bar we have amazing, just amazing in the fullest of abundance this month.

The month really began blaring its volcanic sound as Krakatoa hosted the Battle of the Bands ERUPTION where we got to hear and meet pals old and new play, such as CowCatchers, Angry man Carpark, Papa Bear, Ugly Clinic and Ghost Tape, as they musically maul it out during the Semi Finals and holy shhh it was so GOOD! Great to listen to various samples of their music for you to enjoy as you read up their Exclusive Interviews backstage!

Every Wednesdays we have our Refuge of the Damned and our iconic Krakaoke back online so practice those chords and come by for a jam and a tune. Congratulations to the lovely Brittney for winning the first Krakaoke of 2020! Prizes include our own Bar Vouchers.

Neon Lounge is back in the groove on Friday and Saturday nights as we sip our Strawberry Sacrifices and ooze those glowing mermaid vibes on the dancefloor with a flipped bird to that 9-5 grind.

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Krakatoa ERUPTION!! Krakatoa ERUPTION Exxxclusive Interview with Ugly Clinic

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Happy Belated Rabbie Burns Night Ya Fantastic Lads n’ Lassies! Although it’s affa Kalt n windy as we settle with our families celebrating Scotland’s Fantastic OG Rocker Rabbie Burns, here is a fantastic example of Punk Rock! During our ERUPTION Battle Of The Bands, the Krakatoa Gang got to meet the fabulously hardcore soulful songstress Chloe, Davie and Richard, AKA Ugly Clinic!

Krakatoa: Hi, thank you very much for coming by. So, tell me about yourselves and how did you guys get together musically?

UC (R): Well Davie and I are like veterans, so Davie came up with the idea that we should try to do an original band since we’ve been playing in cover bands for a while. So he came in contact with me and played one of his songs and I said “Davie, I think you’re onto something here”, so I jumped in and we found the other guys.

UC: I came on board, I was a drummer and played in previous bands and they asked me to come out and gave me the freedom to play what I want and joined in and Chloe-

UC (C): Yeah, I only joined the band late 2019, so it’s my sixth gig with them. So Richard asked me if I wanted to join, did an audition and loved the songs that we’ve played and thought “Yep, that’s for me.”

Krakatoa: That’s amazing! So you’re brand new into the Aberdeen scene as a band?

UC: Yeah, pretty much.

Krakatoa: I would’ve never actually thought that. I thought you’ve been together well professional and everything! Absolutely bang on!

UC (C): Why thank you.

Krakatoa: I was just saying to somebody your style reminds me of Demented Are Go a wee bit… which leads onto our next question: what is your usual style and what music genres and icons inspire you and why?

UC (R): Well for me, it’d be AC/DC, and the classic rock kinda stuff… the main thing since Davie is the song writer is things like the Sex Pistols,

UC (D): The Clash, basically.

UC (C): Punk Rock.

Krakatoa: So very Sid Vicious, full out Fuck-you-Boris kind of vibes?

UCC (C): That’s EXACTLY the kind of vibes you got!

UC: We just then kinda landed with some things with a good catchy chorus.

UC (C): Yeah, something the crowd can sing along to.

Krakatoa: Yeah, I really liked “Bittersweet”. That is my personal favourite one!

UC (C): Oh YEE! I wrote that!!

Krakatoa: For me, as soon as I heard it play- I was like “MOOD!!!”

UC (C): BRILLIANT! That’s what we do. We make songs people relate to and songs everybody can sing along to.

Krakatoa: That is brilliant. Are you guys from Aberdeen?

UC: Nope. Peterhead, well, Jedd lives in Aberdeen.

UC (J): Well, I float about.

Burst of laughs

UC: We still practice in a shed. We meet up every Tuesday, every week -try things out and practice.

Krakatoa: The sheer professionalism and harmony you guys have is like “WOW!”. You guys are new but have this amazing thing going! Something is coming together!

UC (R): We were just saying this the other day! You need that bond because you can practice. But having that bond on stage, you need that connection… If you focus too much on the aesthetic “We’re gonna be pure… We’re gonna be like…. Thrash”, you’re gonna get off that with the audience going “Where’s the tunes, where’s the hook?”. I think you need that sensibility bout you as well and it helps that everybody is interested in different things and THEN mesh those bits together. So hopefully, you end up with your own thing.

Krakatoa: That is solid wisdom right there.

UC (D): It’s from an old man!

Krakatoa: Since you’re from shires, is this your first time coming to Krakatoa?


Krakatoa: And what do you like best?

UC (C): The chilled out vibe. I like how the bands are laid back, the people are laid back and everyone has this metal laid back-ness about them. You feel comfortable coming in, no matter what you look like. It’s a music bar so everybody is here for the music and just enjoys it.

Krakatoa: Thank you very much for your time. I am so privileged and humbled that we popped your interview cherry. I hope you have a brilliant time. You guys rocked everyone’s socks off tonight!

Since then, Ugly Clinic unleashed their Debut Album Untitled During the Lockdown! Tracks so good it gets you into those rockstar vibes from karaoke in quarantine to slaying the work day.