“Sometimes you just need to let your hair down, and not have to worry about shit.”

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Please be aware that we enforce a strict zero tolerance policy on douchebaggery at all our gigs.  Any sleazy shit will at the very least get you kicked out, and most likely lead to criminal proceedings.

Disclosure Statement

Concerts here are organised and promoted by the operator of the venue, Black Cat (Aberdeen) CIC, a non-profit, non-hierarchal, worker cooperative incorporated as a community interest company.  Our mission is to provision Krakatoa as a tiki dive bar and grassroots music venue.  Community interest companies are asset locked, subject to a wage cap, are devoid of any mechanism for divesting surplus as dividend, and may not award bonuses.

Our admission charges cover both the show costs and the performer fees.  Any surplus generated beyond that goes towards enhancing the local grassroots music scene, as per our community interest statement.  Please note that as a non-profit organisation we benefit from cultural exemption of VAT on any admission charges to live music events, further fuelling our community purpose.

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